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    The usage of this site and its services goes under an agreement described by these Terms and Conditions. If you disagree with any of the following statements, we ask you not to use our services. AssignmentJedii.co.uk offers its services to those who are above eighteen years old. Everyone younger than that cannot use any of the services.

    Submitting your order of any service means that you have read, comprehended and agreed with all of the terms and conditions.

    General definitions used the text:
    “Website” or “site” means AssignmentJedii.co.uk
    “Consumer”, “Client”, “Customer”, “You” is any person who uses AssignmentJedii.co.uk, makes orders, creates a profile and transfers payments.
    “Company”, “Our”, “We” means AssignmentJedii.co.uk, a UK-registered company.
    “Product” means a written paper, essay, dissertation or other work created for the customers by our writers.

    Services at AssignmentJedii.co.uk
    AssignmentJedii.co.uk is a service that offers customers to find good writers, submit orders for writing papers, discuss details with the writers, get the product and make payments. Customers bear all the risks while using the website. AssignmentJedii.co.uk has the rights to block the access to a client’s account when it seems the right thing to do, especially if there were serious violations (abusive behavior, rude comments, spam or sharing private contacts). Placing orders or transferring payments for services means that these payments are for personal use exclusively. All the papers written by freelance authors on AssignmentJedii.co.uk are owned by the company. Any written papers are not refundable and suggest no guarantees. If you desire to learn more about the usage of AssignmentJedii.co.uk, you are welcome to visit the F.A.Q. page. Before submitting any orders, it is necessary for every user to read these terms and conditions and the F.A.Q. page.

    Copyright and Personal Use
    All the products created at AssignmentJedii.co.uk are 100% original. AssignmentJedii.co.uk retains all the copyrights for all the papers written by freelance authors for our customers. All of these paper are intended for private and non-commercial use. When you submit an order, clients are asked not to publish, exploit, rewrite, edit or distribute the delivered products without consulting the company. By ordering our services you agree that AssignmentJedii.co.uk is not liable for any possible unauthorized use of the products. Such unauthorized use may be subject to criminal cases. All the papers written on AssignmentJedii.co.uk are not to be given away or sold to other people or organizations. All the actions of our company and information about the products and services should remain strictly confidential. AssignmentJedii.co.uk has a strict policy towards originality and plagiarism. If you somehow notice that the delivered product is not fully original, please inform the support team immediately so that we can deal with this.

    No Refunds
    The moment the customer accepts the delivered paper and asks for no more editing and alterations, the paper becomes not refundable. There can be occasional exceptions, though. But the company only chooses whether to make an exception or not. You can read more detailed information about our guarantees on the F.A.Q. page. It will also reveal our discounts and bonuses policies. When you are sending the payment, you agree that you have read and accepted the paper and want no more revisions to be done. Once you send the payment, there can be no revisions, editing and uploads regarding this product. Once a client sends 100% of a submission, 50% of its cost cannot be refunded. You can get a 50% refund only, but the company is not obligated to refund it. Certain options of AssignmentJedii.co.uk such as VIP option, Request this author and Featured order are not refundable at all.

    Plagiarism-free policy
    The moment you agree with our terms and conditions, you agree that AssignmentJedii.co.uk has all the rights to cancel all the contracts and connections with individuals who deliver plagiarized works as original ones. All the products are not the subject to discussion with third parties and can be used strictly for personal matters. If a freelance author is found out to deliver plagiarized papers, his account is removed from our site and there can be no further cooperation between him and AssignmentJedii.co.uk. The clients are forbidden to put their names on the company’s products. All the delivered products are created for research and reference purposes exclusively. In case you use any of the delivered material, you should necessarily reference it to AssignmentJedii.co.uk. Plagiarism is a serious violation of academic rule and should not be in any way encouraged by our users. AssignmentJedii.co.uk respects copyright laws and fully obeys them.

    Links Disclaimer
    There can be different links to other websites on AssignmentJedii.co.uk. However, this doesn’t mean that we encourage you to visit these sites or use their services. The company is not liable for content or services that you may see by following those links. You may proceed with those links at your own risk. This is stated in the user agreement.

    By placing your order, you agree with the following:

    1. All the papers delivered to our customers can be used exclusively for education, research and reference purposes. They can be used as an example of how to follow different academic writing rules including citation styles.
    2. In case you use any information delivered by AssignmentJedii.co.uk, you are obligated to refer to the original source.
    3. Customers agree that most of the services at AssignmentJedii.co.uk must have payments in return to the hard work of creating college documents.
    4. The final products are forbidden to be distributed, published, modified and displayed without the permission of the company.
    5. All the products made by the company become its property with all he authorship rights.
    6. The customers need to agree to destroy the delivered papers after they use them for certain purposes.
    7. You agree to be notified about our contests, benefits, discounts, etc. You can cancel such notifications if you want to, though.

    Warranty Disclaimer
    AssignmentJedii.co.uk doesn’t give any guarantees connected to the company’s services and site’s content. We don’t give any warranties of error-free performance and other types of guarantees. We are not to become liable for any possible negative results. It is customers’ responsibility to follow all the guidelines and to debar from possible complications.

    Liability Limitation
    By submitting your order and agreeing with all of the mentioned terms and conditions you agree not to hold AssignmentJedii.co.uk, its partners, sponsors, affiliates, representatives, employees, promoters, agents, advertisers and any other connected parties liable for any possible outcomes, complications, damages, etc. connected to the provided services and to the company itself. The company is also not to be found liable in case of any claim or lawsuit.

    The clients must agree that the noted Terms and Conditions can be partially or fully changed without any individual notifications. That is why we ask you to visit this page and occasionally reread all the statements.