• Privacy Policy

    This page reveals the full privacy policy of AssignmentJedii.co.uk. Although, the site’s basic principles are not to be changed, we advise all the users to visit this page now and then to follow some possible minor alterations.

    The Use of Customers’ Information
    All the personal data that our customers trust us with is gathered strictly for the purpose of customizing the website and making it easier to use. All the information stays in and no outside parties have access to any of your personal details. AssignmentJedii.co.uk web server collects the data such as IP address, browser kind, the access periods, etc. It is gathered exclusively for statistical purposes. Apart from that, cookies can sometimes be used to make your visiting more comfortable and easy.

    Cookies on AssignmentJedii.co.uk are used for several reasons. The main purpose is to gather statistical information about our users (for example, how much time our customers spend on certain pages, etc.). Cookies identify computers to their servers. Our visitors are notified in case the cookies are being used. In case you don’t want us to gather such information about you, you can turn them off. It can stand on the way of using some of our personalized options, though.

    Selective Data Use
    Several pages on AssignmentJedii.co.uk will ask you to provide certain personal information such as your name, e-mail address and some other contact information. This type of information is collected strictly for communication purposes between the customers and the company. We will never share or sell your contact information to anyone. We ask for your e-mail only to send you important notifications about your orders, our new features and other significant information.

    Corrections of the Privacy Policy points in the Future
    Minor alterations are possible in our privacy policy. However, our users will not be individually notified of any of them. This is why it is advisable for our customers to visit this page sometimes and look at all of the information again not to miss any changes. The company will not be found responsible if users miss any corrections. Therefore, AssignmentJedii.co.uk suggests you occasionally check out our privacy policy not to accidently violate any rules.

    Website Security at AssignmentJedii.co.uk
    AssignmentJedii.co.uk performs security checks on a regular basis. The security systems that we use can guarantee that none of the information that you give us will ever be seen or stolen by third parties. Your personal data can only be seen and used by our employees. To make it 100% safe, we advise you to log out every time you stop using the service, especially if someone else also uses your computer.

    Links Disclaimer
    Any possible links that appear on AssignmentJedii.co.uk are customized according to a user’s location. These links can include international, local, state or other companies. The users and not AssignmentJedii.co.uk take all the responsibility of following those links. The company does not endorse these websites and their content. Once you follow any of those links, you have to then follow their Terms and Conditions.

    Company Information Access
    Customers are able to ask AssignmentJedii.co.uk to share what private data that is held on them. In addition, users are welcome to get their contact information corrected to eliminate any mistakes. This option costs $35. When you ask for this option, you will receive all the private data held by AssignmentJedii.co.uk as it is mentioned in the Data Protection Act (1998). You can address our support team with this request.